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Zultys, Inc.

Manufacturer of Hosted, Virtual or On-Premise Communication Solutions.

Zultys' mission is to deliver leading edge, comprehensive unified communication solutions that are flexible, easy to use, and cost-effective; and enable companies of all sizes to improve productivity, enhance customer service, reduce costs, grow sales and increase profitability.

The Zultys MX platform is a true "all-in-one" unified communications solution, built from the ground up to make ALL your communications systems work together by weaving voice, data, video, presence, conferencing and mobility solutions into a single corporate Unified Communications system. The beauty of the MX system is that whether you prefer to pay monthly fees for a hosted solution or purchase a phone system to be housed on premises or virtualized, all the features, functions and capabilities are identical. You can truly choose to have it your way!

Zultys integrates Voice, Instant Messaging, Email, Video, Web Conferencing — and office phones, smart phones, tablets and computers to work seamlessly on a powerful unified communications platform. So you are always connected to your business wherever you need to be 24/7.

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