ESI IVX Systems

Changing the System Time

  1. From any digital telephone, you can enter administrator programming by:

    • Pressing the PROG/HELP button (or simply the PROGRAM button on newer style phones)
    • Press PARK (or HOLD on newer style phones that do not have a PARK button)
    • Press 456#
  2. Press 1 (for administration programming), then Press 4 (to program the clock and date).

  3. Some systems may have give you some further options, at this point you can Press 1 to change the time and date.

  4. You will be prompted to enter the time in a 12 hour format. You do not need to use military format or leading zeros. For example: enter 315 for 3:15 or 1233 for 12:33.

  5. Press # once you've entered the time.

  6. Use the scroll keys (arrow up and down) to select either AM or PM. When the right one appears on your display, press # to accept.

  7. You will next receive a screen requesting the date information. If the date is correct, you can press the # to accept that date. Otherwise, you can enter the new date in an 8 digit MMDDYYYY format. For example: 04052004 would be April 5, 2004. Press # when done.

  8. Press PROGRAM (or PROG/HELP) to exit programming.

  9. The new correct time should appear on your phone.