Technolink of the Rockies Protects Customers from Data Breaches and Cyberthreats with Password Management

March 17th, 2022 by admin

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Leading MTSP Shares Most Common Cause of Cyberattacks and How to Secure Any Organization

ENGLEWOOD, CO – Technolink of the Rockies a leading managed technology services provider (MTSP), is protecting customers from the leading cause of cyber attacks and data breaches which are weak or reused passwords. According to a recent Verizon Data Breach report, “80% of data breaches are the result of poor or reused passwords.” While employees are now expected to keep their company networks secure, the average employee now needs to keep track of 191 passwords across their entire digital life. As a result, 66% of people mostly use the same passwords across multiple websites. This is a major factor contributing to network vulnerabilities and the recent outburst of cyber crime. In order to keep customers safe, Technolink of the Rockies is providing the latest password management technology to the region’s small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs).

“Businesses are starting to understand the widening gap between the vast capital and technical resources that cyber criminals have access to in comparison to any unprotected organization,” stated Jeff O’Neill, VP of Sales of Technolink of the Rockies. “We advise every customer to utilize password management software. Through an extremely simple, scalable technology, companies can instantaneously eliminate 80% of the cyber threats facing their organization. The risk mitigation in comparison to its cost make the return on investment a ‘nobrainer’,” added O’Neill.

While the improvements in cyber security are obvious, another overlooked benefit of password management software is that it increases productivity by eliminating employee downtime. In fact, Gartner estimates that “40% of all help desk calls are related to passwords, such as resetting employees’ forgotten passwords.” A password management solution can eliminate this costly employee downtime.

Technolink of the Rockies’s password management solution delivers peace of mind to business owners and employees. In order to assure that, core features are included such as a password vault, a unique password generator, and multi-factor authentication for verification. Additionally, companies can gain insight from password behavior, security reports, and login reports to increase compliance.

“While we’re well aware of our bias, the risk of leaving a business unprotected from password theft is unreasonably larger than the rewards a business can have by implementing a password manager. The costs are nominal in comparison to the value that this very simple, yet absolutely vital, IT solution delivers to organizations of all sizes. We feel duty-bound to take a strong stance on this, because the core intention of our work is to keep businesses protected, productive and profitable,” concluded O’Neill.

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