Choosing Between On-Premise and Hosted

September 21st, 2018 by admin

A hand resting on a phone receiver still on the base, with other office equipment out of focus on the same desk

Hosted or on-premise phone systems – this can be a tough call for some businesses who are unsure of the differences. Each has benefits for users, depending on your IT infrastructure, budget, and operations. Our team has installed both types of systems in the past few years, adjusting to the specific needs of our customers. For example, some businesses prefer to have the equipment on site, while others want it stored elsewhere.

A hosted communication system is often better for businesses with multiple locations, as your VoIP system runs through secure datacenters hosted in the cloud. You pay a monthly subscription fee and don’t need to worry about up-front investments, maintenance, or upkeep.

Premise-based is good for companies that want to have direct control over their communications systems. You’re less reliant on third-party hosting service providers, giving you additional flexibility, and may result in an expanded feature list. We can set you up with a VoIP connection that runs through your network or stick to a more traditional system if you want to reserve bandwidth for data applications.

We recommend sitting with our team to assess your current needs and design the right solution. Whether the final result is a premise-based or hosted solution, that depends on what’s best for your business. Learn more…

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