Helping Companies Successfully Adopt the Hybrid Workplace Model with Advanced Technology Solutions

June 29th, 2021 by admin

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Leading Managed Technology Services Provider Maximizes Employee Productivity As Businesses Transition to the New Normal

ENGLEWOOD, CO - Technolink of the Rockies, a leading managed technology services provider, announced today the company is helping organizations transition out of the pandemic by migrating them into a hybrid workplace model with the latest in today's advanced technology solutions. As restrictions begin to loosen, small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) are looking for ways to bring staff back into the office, while simultaneously maintaining employee safety by utilizing a hybrid model that combines the best of in-person and remote work environments. One of the most significant challenges that businesses face when attempting to accomplish this is to ensure that all staff have the appropriate technologies to navigate in-person and remote environments seamlessly. While many business owners are uncertain which technologies are the best to utilize, Technolink of the Rockies is paving a path for SMBs to follow, so they can optimize employee productivity as the business world transitions into the next, "new normal".

Prior to the pandemic only a small percentage of employees worked remotely. We now know that remote work environments are going to be mainstay for years to come. Necessity to adapt, consequently proved to business owners just how effective their staff could be whether in the office or working from home. In fact, according to a survey conducted by a unit of S&P Global Market Intelligence, out of 575 IT decision-makers from a range of industries, they found that "67% of respondents expect work-from-home policies will remain in place permanently or at least for the long term," which suggests that since businesses were given no choice but to adapt, they’ve managed to survive and if they want to position themselves for success in the future, they should ensure that their technology infrastructure is robust enough to support employees ability to communicate and collaborate. Furthermore, a Gallup poll revealed that "54% of office workers would be willing to quit their job for one that allows them to work remotely." Whether a company goes full-remote or hybrid, it's vital that they have the right technology systems in place to support productivity and accountability.

The most important technology solution needed for any business is an ability to communicate with its customers, regardless of its employees' physical location. Cloud voice is the natural response to that need. Technolink of the Rockies's cloud voice solution enables its customers to leverage the same feature-rich functionality of an office phone system, while simultaneously integrating it with the cloud to enable the flexibility required in a hybrid model. In order to fully maximize employee productivity and benefit from a hybrid model, a cloud computing solution, like Microsoft Azure must be rapidly adopted by SMBs. Transitioning a company's network from on-premise servers into Azure is the ideal infrastructure to support remote workers. Jeff O'Neill, VP of Sales at Technolink of the Rockies stated, "Having your servers and applications in the cloud enables workers to stay at home or transition to and from the office seamlessly. A server in an office closet is getting closer to extinction like the dinosaur."

Lastly, as more employees spend time in their home offices, those environments must be secured because of the gaping lack in security that most home networks are exposed to. Far too many home offices pose security risks to the entire network because they offer little security, which cybercriminals are already exploiting. "While employees may have been able to work from remote on a temporary basis without setting up proper IT security infrastructure for the home office, it's a huge vulnerability to expose the rest of the company," added O'Neill

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