Types of Peripheral Telecom Equipment Your Business Needs

May 14th, 2019 by admin

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Peripheral hardware is the equipment needed in conjunction with your computers, phone systems, laptops, etc. Businesses that are just starting often overlook or don't understand the importance of utilizing quality equipment for new devices. Whether you have a new phone system or are just upgrading your existing system, having the proper equipment is crucial for employee productivity and getting the most out of your new phone technology.

It is critical to take into consideration the quality of the equipment that gets used with your phone systems. Poor quality equipment can result in substandard customer service, decreased productivity, low employee satisfaction, and can ruin your company's credibility and reputation. Also, low-quality equipment can break down quicker causing increased expenses in the long-run for your business. Common peripheral equipment for phone systems include:

Wired or Wireless Headsets

The decision to use either wired or wireless headsets depends on the nature of your business and what works best for productivity. While wired headsets reduce the chance of interference and battery power loss, due to being directly connected to a computer or phone, wireless headsets increase employee satisfaction by allowing for freedom of movement and they are compatible with many other systems and devices.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

In case of an emergency, such as an outage, disaster, or inclement weather, it is essential to have a secondary power supply if the main power fails. This should be a very critical element to your business continuity and disaster recovery plan.

Back-up Batteries

As phone systems age, so does the battery. Batteries that die out completely will need immediate replacement. This saves you money on buying new phone equipment or a new system altogether.

Speaker Phones and Overhead Paging Systems

Speakerphones make collaboration easy and simple. Great for meetings and conferences, it is essential to have speakers compatible with both wired phones and wireless phone systems available. Quality and clear IP overhead paging systems benefit businesses by allowing for better internal communications and emergency notifications.

While choosing the right equipment depends on your business needs, choosing quality equipment will only improve business functions and boost operations. At Technolink of the Rockies, we understand that your business needs quality equipment to deliver the best service and we offer affordable solutions for any size business. Learn more about what we offer.

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