Phone Solutions

At Technolink of the Rockies, we understand that no two businesses are exactly alike and each has specific communication needs. We offer a variety of solutions that are designed to fit and adapt to your organization.

The Technolink of the Rockies' "Project Management Team" takes the lead on installations to assure our clients a smooth transition to new technology. This team oversees the entire implementation which will assure that all details are being tracked and coordinated from initial design and call flows to final implementation.

At Technolink of the Rockies, every system we install is designed with the customer in mind and is intrinsically easy to use. However, effective implementation and acceptance of any new office system requires a structured, ongoing training program. Technolink of the Rockies' highly trained project manager works with each customer to develop a training program designed to maximize the potential of your system and your staff.

Premise Based Phone Systems

Modular solutions that deliver Voice over IP (VoIP), unified communications, video conferencing and collaboration, networking, mobility, call centers and customizable features and applications for maximum productivity.

VoIP: Voice over IP Phone System Solutions

VoIP System stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol System. If you're interested in reducing business expenses, a VoIP system is a great step. A VoIP system uses an IP data connection like the internet or your own internal network to carry phone calls rather than a traditional landline. A VoIP system helps save money by allowing employees to connect from home, the office or the road. This encourages productivity and team collaboration, no matter where team members are.

Hosted Voice Solutions

Cloud computing-which is also often called "hosted" or "software as a service" (SaaS) — is an increasingly popular way to acquire new technologies. Rather than purchase, install, and maintain an application, users subscribe to a monthly service in which cloud applications (including cloud VoIP systems) are located in secure data centers. Web-based service management interfaces make certain tasks easier for support staff and end users. Businesses connect to these applications through the Internet or private connections. The benefits of the cloud phone systems are plentiful.

Telephone System Peripheral Equipment

Technolink of the Rockies provides an array of quality telecommunication equipment to suit your business needs.

Technolink of the Rockies proudly sells, installs, and services a variety of voice solutions.

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