Video surveillance does more than just protect your business from crime and provide security. It protects your staff in case of customer disputes. It enforces safe work conditions. It allows you to see whether procedures and protocols are being followed. Technolink of the Rockies' video surveillance solutions benefit businesses of every size.

IP technology gives you high-definition resolution and DVR-quality capturing of events in your office, at your retail store, on your worksites, and around your building. The level of detail surpasses the capabilities of analog cameras.

IP-based surveillance also has the advantage of being backed up to the cloud so that footage is automatically stored, easily organized, and conveniently accessible should the need arise. Your digital cameras are seamlessly integrated into your data network.

  • Integrating with Mobility — Monitor your business from anywhere on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Access Control Center — Seamlessly integrates with your current IT systems.
  • Cameras — HD megapixel cameras are reinventing surveillance by providing the world's best image quality.

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